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Every startup has a story

Re-Badile is an ERP system for the Education fertility that combines
both the Flagship Reglo™ School Management System and a Student Portal.

Its designed to empower your school administrators
together with all their processes through Real time data flow and
reporting across all aspects of the system.

Benefits of the System

A value-adding company which is Proudly African.

  • Reducing paper work through the automation of the students admissions process thus improving operational efficiency.
  • Quick turnaround time regarding the responses of applications made by students.
  • Simple management of the large numbers of student in the institution.
  • Smooth transfer of data to the relevant departments involved and the ability to handle the data centrally.
  • Reduction of labour costs involved in the admissions process.

We offer small differences but in a big way

We answer basic questions.

WEB BASED - You will be able to use this software from anywhere and from any device.
SECURITY - The system uses the latest security protocols for the maintainenance of data integrity.


Some of the current and past institutions which use us.